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Volunteers & Intership

The internship and volunteer program offers the opportunity to be actively part to the educational shift happening today within many educational communities worldwide. P3000 has created an international web of institutions, schools, NGOs and local initiatives, triggering positive transformations within education. We invite you to share with us your experience and get directly involved with your unique talents to this global co-creation of a multicultural, empathic, integral and education grounded on culture of peace.

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7 Continents

The purpose of the 7 Continents network is to co-create a worldwide network where we are all invited to come together to re-evolve Education and Society. A great synergy and wide vision kindle our minds and hearts: to make a better future, now, with consciousness and care. 7 Continents program invites each one of us to transform the world, seeing beyond borders, reconnecting with oneself, achieving unity and solidarity within mankind. That way we reach a deep bound between cultures, based on Peace, respect and multiculturalism, where diversity is celebrated and Co-Creation is our force.


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