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Scientific framework of the necessities

of the children of today

Why are the children of today so different? What are the alternatives in Education for them?


The changes in today´s children – Theoretical framework and scientific analysis

Paediatricians have noticed that the metabolism of today´s children has changed.  They show a higher level of energy, they are faster and more precocious in all areas of human development. It is probable, they say, that their mitochondria show an augment in the production of ATP. This translates into a higher level of available energy for the daily metabolic processes in today’s children. In this case they do not present Hyperactivity Disorder, as is commonly diagnosed, but a precocious and fast metabolism, common in most children born after the year 2010 (Corpas Dopp, Berta Alejandra, 2015).


Vis-a-vis sensorial stimuli, paediatricians see an increase in the levels of perception. This phenomenon is known as hyperesthesia meaning that the children’s five senses are sharper in general: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. For this reason, some children can become upset, for example, in loud spaces, chaotic playgrounds, machines that make a lot of noise, shouting or “itchy” clothing.

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