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Plan of


Phase I

Raise awareness about today´s children, who live in a word of great changes; provide up-to-date scientific information.  Promote training on integral Education based on Emotional Intelligence and well-being for all citizens.

Support research, produce multi-media educational tools and create worldwide awareness.

Phase 2

Provide exchanges of all kinds of educational systems.

Create transition schools along the “7 Petal School” principles.

Promote the integration of innovative pedagogical tools; empower local schools and other educational initiatives.

Strengthen a worldwide network of institutions, organizations, NGOs, schools and stakeholders of a sustainable Education.

Phase 3

Build up a sustainable and comprehensive educative system, called Socio Multi Education, an Education with awareness for all the Society and the Planet. It favours a harmonious development of human being and his whole potential. It emerges from the local needs and from people enthusiasm and desire to co-create their own Education. It is authentic, active, productive and cooperative, both on a micro and macro levels. It is based on divergent and “pro-positive” thinking (meaning thinking that look for solutions and make positive proposals), new sciences, Emotional Intelligence and Peace Culture. It organically respects the economic and socio-political context of its implementation.

Complete History 2001-2018
Complete History 2001-2018
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