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So far, more than 14 books

and pocket books have been published:

A Quantum Reconnecting Education

​An Education to rebuild an inner and outer world of peace and solidarity


By Noemi Paymal, Educatiooon 3000


Education is going through a great, profound and beautiful transformation that searches how to attend to the different levels of development of the human being. It is also called Multi Level or Multi Dimensional Education. It proposes a harmonious transition from the old paradigms to new ones, aspiring to a transformative education where we all learn from everyone and realize that everything is linked in an energetic field of unified consciousness.


This Education (with capital E) is based on the discoveries of quantum physics, quantum psychology, ancestral worldview, metaphysics, energy anatomy, and the latest neuroscience and neuropedagogy tools.


In a nutshell, Quantum Reconnecting Education involves the following:

- It introduces the new paradigms of an advanced society of peace and solidarity.

- It involves caring for the new generations in a higher octave of Consciousness.

- It invites us to a constant inner development and growth/understanding of the adults who accompany this process of the new Education. That is why it concerns us all.


A pocketbook that all researchers, parents and teachers should read.



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